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Linda Yip Charitable Foundation (LYCF) - Hairppiness Program

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Linda Yip Charitable Foundation (LYCF) - Hairppiness Program


Established in 2008, Linda Yip Charitable Foundation (LYCF) is a non-profit making voluntary organization whose beneficiaries are needy families especially the children, the elder and single mothers in many economically backward regions over the Asia. 


In Jan, 2015, Hairppiness Program started in Philippines, the founder of LYCF Ms. Linda Yip visited many cities in there. The first station is JRCC Christian Middle School, which is located in Amadeo, and the school provide a comprehensive and affordable education and encourage educators to make productive use of multiple methods for teaching and learning. This time, on behalf of foundation, Ms. Linda Yip has donated PHP 227,000.00 to Jesus Reigns Ministries, the ceremony drew a very large audience, including students and school staff. In Linda’s speech, she encouraged student to continue work hard for the future they want.


During coming days, Linda and the staff of Foundation have visited and held the talks in city of Tacloban, Leyte, Ormoc, Cebu, and Baseco. Everywhere we went we were welcomed warmly. These talks can not only help the local clear their situation, but make people realized the importance of knowledge. And if they are to break out of poverty trap and prosper, they need at the very minimum – clean water and adequate sanitation and education.


The last day, we went to Manila, it is among the poorest slums in Philippines and it is called “the gates of hell”. There are some of the Philippines’s most desperate people, the thousands of slums and shanty town dwellers forced to live in makeshift homes hastily built from scrap in the areas most at risk from to natural disaster. As soon as you enter the slum, with stinky smell of garbage, the humble houses, ragged children and rubbish can be seen everywhere. Due to lack of clean water and sanitation, even without toilet, the human waste were packed by plastic bags, and it has led to small hills of rubbish rotting by the river, all this, what we saw made us very sad and thought-provoking.


With rich experience in poverty alleviation, Hairppiness Program is a one of the key projects owned by Linda Yip Charitable Foundation (LYCF), we aim at helping the economically marginalized cancer patients and affected population of natural disaster to manage their stress and get through difficult times. The Hairppiness Program would give the needy cancer patients an opportunity to wear wigs, making them to regain confidence and courage.


Moreover, Linda went to the hospital to see the needy cancer patients, looking at the person who were severely tortured by illness, Linda donated wigs to them and personally wore wigs to patients. All attendees of this trip said they are every touched by Linda’s friendly gesture. However, Linda said: “this is the value and significance of this trip, this project, and I believe some alleviate their burning desire with small acts of kindness. “


Hairppiness Program success in Philippines, benefit from many supporting organization, including Trade and Investment Development Co., Ltd and White Kent Co., Ltd. Here by Acknowledge.


The Philippines Trip was the first step in Hairppiness Program, it has so many advantages to our human beings, and we hope more and more people join us. As far as the donations themselves, the entire donated amount will provides supplies to school and gifts wigs to needy cancer patients. Please support our Hairppiness Program.


Cash or check donations in support of Hairppiness Program are also welcome, for more information, please feel free to contact us at 852 2558 0728, contact person: Ms. Ella Leung, or welcome to visit our website / Facebook: Hairppiness 2015. One again thank you for your love and support.



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