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Collection Book Shooting

2015 Asia Hair Masters Association (AHMA) * Hong Kong Design Institute Collection Book Vol.2, themed “Time Journey”, it is a highly editorial and directional which serves to educate, innovate and advanced the hairdressers. It collected the most quintessential image designs since the early 1930s to nowadays, we hope that through this book, the readers can acquire more references of image designs from famous Gurus in the world, and then expand the ideas and enlighten new inspiration.


In mid-January, 2015, AHMA Gurus and professional team from HKDI went to Tokyo to shoot parts of design works, with Japan specialty group who work together to create a distinctive style of photography for a one week. At the beginning of the March, the Hong Kong scenes were shot at lots of classic spots in Hong Kong. Today, we would like to share with you our snap shotsof AHMA * HKDI Collection Book Vol. 2, and it has entered the final phase of preparation work, stay tuned!



1.  Hong Kong Design Institute: Mr. Shaun Cheung, Ms. Cecilia Pritchard, Mr. Pacino Wan, Mr. Stephen Parke, Ms. Ling Wong, Mr. Terence Luk, Mr. Robbie Tsang, Rachel, Kineta, Carrie, Karen, Tim;

2.  Hair Stylists: Happy Hair Happy Hair JC and Found Hair Edward Yu from Taiwan, Ms. Dai Mei Yin – from Department of Hair Styling and Desing, Taiwan Hung Kuang University, Mr. Cliff C K Cheung, Aten Salon Mr. Jean Tong, Mr. Jim Tse, VIF Salon Mr. Zen Yip, Ms. Blackie Ip, Mr. Chan Jun, Mr. Porky Chu, Mr. John Zheung, X-one Mr. Nic Leung, Mr. Wang Guo Hwa;

3.  AHMA: Ms. Linda Yip (Founder)

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