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Hong Kong Design InstitutePMQ Project


Top hairstylists Ÿ Dressers Ÿ Professional Photographers

Promote new talents in Hair Styling, Make-up, Fashion Styling, and Design

(Hong Kong, April 28, 2015) - Committed to providing quality education to cultivate knowledge, professionalism for the evolving creative industries, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) adopts a “Think and Do” approach through contemporary curriculum and active collaborations with industry.“Image Lab 360” is a non-profit company supported by Linda Yip Charitable Foundations and is collaborated with Fashion and Image Design department of HKDI.Following the lead of the top hairstylists, professional dressers and photographers that Image Lab 360° as a platform to nurture students studying fashion and Image Design by organising  internships and collaboration projects with industry. It provides services on Hair dressing, styling, make-up, grooming and styles for customers, supports artists in terms of fashion outfits and image building and offers photographic image building for individuals and brands.

「Image Lab 360°」will be opened on April 28, 2015, and you only need to make an appointment days ahead via E-mail, phone or our website. Besides,「Image Lab 360°」will also providepersonal & group image styling tutorial for individuals or enterprises and workshop for the people who are interesting in makeup & hair styling.Image design has been accepted as a new profession specializing in make-up, hair styling, fashion styling and fashion photography to create the best and most appropriate image and styling for individual, brand and corporate.It aims to styling jam with artists not limited to fashion but in the wider scope to promote creative talents.  You are welcome to our website and facebook of HKDI, Image Lab 360° or Department of Fashion and Image Designif you would like to see more details information of us.


Image Lab 360°

Opening hours:11:00am to 08:00pm

Venue: S313, PMQ, 35 Aberbeen Street, Hong Kong

Tel: 852-2548 7360

Facebook: Image Lab 360 / Instagram: Imagelab360
HKDI 盧林院長、葉惠敏女士及車婉婉小姐出席 Image Lab 360°開幕典禮。
葉惠敏女士應邀出席 Image Lab 360 開幕禮並於背景板上簽名留念。
HKDI 盧林院長及葉惠敏女士主持簽署儀式,為 Image Lab 360°打開序幕。


(左起)劉天蘭女士、HKDI 盧林院長、葉惠敏女士、Mr. Kim Robinson 及車婉婉小姐一同主持 Image Lab 360°開幕禮

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About HKDI

As a member of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) group, HKDI was founded in 2007. Following a philosophy of encouraging creativity in action, the state-of-the-art campus of HKDI was designed to provide an open and dynamic environment conducive to creative learning and innovative exploration. It blends an open outlook with teaching and learning spaces that encourage interaction, cross-fertilization of ideas and responsiveness to the community and the wider world. Website:


About Fashion and Image Design (FID) Department of HKDI

FID aims to provide graduates with systematic and professional training to enter the fashion image design, advertising, film, TV and media, costume / art direction industries. And is designed with an emphasis on generic, language and communication skills training, whole-person development and workplace experience to better prepare students for further studies and employment after graduation.

About Linda Yip Charitable Foundation

Linda Yip Charitable Foundation, it was founded by Chairman of Linda Beauty Group Co. Ms. Linda Yip. In 2008, at the celebration party of Linda Beauty Group 30th anniversary, Ms. Linda Yip announced the plan to create Linda Yip Charitable Foundation (LYCF). As always, all donations earmarked for impoverish people in Hong Kong and mainland China, the fund’s aim to help improve the living standards of the elderly and children and develop local poor education, especially in poor places like Zhao Qing, the foundation has assisted villagers to build school, teaching building, single mothers’ housing, and provided financial support to pupils and college students from impoverished families in rural areas.


Linda Yip Charitable Foundation has been supporting the HKDI since year 2010, in 2015, it is opening application for the coming training assignment in Image Lab of PMQ, it is a place for creative lifestyle experiences and challenging atmosphere, and it aims to make more new generation grow up and become the elites of the industry. 


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