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SPC 大會與 AHMA 新銳會員中日美髮文化交流

Invited by Japan SPC hair association, AHMA “THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE” Hair Show by AHMA artistic team was held at Japan Yokohama Gym from November 14 to November 15, 2016. This hair show was pleased to announce a fantastic, creative line-up of AHMA artistic team including: Guru Member Ms. Cecilia Pritchard from Sweden, our vice chairman Mr. Kolen Wong from Hong Kong and Mr. Gary Wong from Beijing, China, and their extraordinary total look design were outstanding and amazing. This time, AHMA conjunction with Japan SPC to organize the hair show for first time in Japan, and this is an essential step in advancing a positive relationship between Japan hair industry and AHMA.

SPC 2016年秋季全國會員大會


This time, AHMA artistic team and our 4 winners of AHMA 6th Hair and Styling Award were invited to attend SPC 2016 event, we believe this communication will further strengthen the exchanges of technical knowledge and trends information of hair between the two regions, Hong Kong and Japan.





AHMA and Japan SPC have established long-term friendly relationship since 2012, during these 4 years, we share a common beliefs and values, we hope to support the growth of young generation, and improve the development of Asian hair industry, as two famous international commutation platforms, we hope more collaboration between us to further assist the development of the implementation and promotion among local hairdressing industry.

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