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One Examination, Multiple Certification System

Beauty and HairdressingIndustryProfessional Assessment "One Examination, Multiple Certification System"

"One Examination, Multiple Certification System"

Unifyexamination markingrequirements forthe projectandassessthe applicantto choosefrom the VTCor functionaltesting centerexamination.After obtainingpassinggrades, an applicant canobtain‘VA of Hong Kong’ and ‘National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) of Mainland China’certificates.


To aim at and cope with HK human resourcedevelopmentand to achievethe followinggoals:

- Helpindustrypractitionersto enhanceprofessional qualification andto meet international standards;

- To identify the technical standardsand establishedpractitionersareinternationally recognizedfor qualifications andstandardized;

- Recognized practitioner’s expertise to assist employers to find the right talent;

- Provide a suitableplatform to encouragelong-life learning;

- Students are encouraged to participate in strengthening the competitiveness of employment.


To take one examination and obtain multiple certificates:

- VA of Hong Kong;

- National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) of Mainland China;

- International Professional Standards Network (IPSN), include: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong.

Practitioners may be able to be employed after obtaining the certificates in the above mentioned areas.
"One Examination, Multiple Certification System"technology (Level 3) assessment of professional competence recently shall launch the examination:

Date: 24 July 2014, Practical Examination

          6 August 2014, Theory Examination


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