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MANAGEMENT - Client Analysis - First Impressions


MANAGEMENT - Client Analysis - First Impressions

by Philip George

Everyone is guilty of making judgments from first impressions, it's human nature, and Hairdressers are no exception. When greeting a client for the first time, do we make mistakes by judging a book by its cover?

A client's dress, make-up, hairstyle and demeanor will all give clues as to the client’s character or personality. Whilst taking note of our first impressions, we should also pay special attention to their special needs during the consultation period. They might be in need of a more fashionable and younger look, or are starting a new job and want to appear more corporate. They might have come to the salon with a specific purpose, and we need to find out what these are by patiently talking to them.

Not all clients want a complete change of style or the latest fashionable trend and would be better suited, and feel more comfortable, with a classic or simple look. 

To individualize a look, a talented stylist can hint or suggest ideas or a contemporary twist to clients thus providing the difference between themselves and other stylists. Providing a more unique, customer-orientated service will help to ensure the client remembering them. Other factors to avoid would be the guess that a client’s age dictates styling options. It would be wrong to assume that older clients want something new or trendy. They might be happy with the look they have cultivated. Once again, a good Hairdresser knows how to adapt a style to any age or demand.

It is hard not to judge someone from their appearance and mannerisms when they first walk into your salon, but take the time to get to know your clients.




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